Yama Arashi Ryu Mankato, MN

Yama Arashi Ryu located in North Mankato is a Mobile Martial Arts program allowing practitioners to gain one on one instruction in several different styles. These classes are formed uniquely to what you want to learn and how to achieve your goal without having to compete for attention from an instructor. Be ready to gain Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, and Self-Worth.

Hanshi Leon was formally registered with Juko-Kai International® which is one of the oldest Asian recognized martial arts unions of the United States (founded 1961). Hanshi Leon was a personal student of Professor Rod Sacharnoski, Soke/lOth Dan, a world renown martial artist who is one of the few non-Asians to achieve 10th Dan Sokeship (foundership) recognition in Japan and a 9th Dan Hanshi grading in Seidokan Karate, Kobudo and Toide, Okinawa/Japan. Hanshi Leon has now started his own School Yama Arashi Ryu after receiving black belts in several different styles of Okinawan Martial Arts, with over 30 years of training and 22 years of teaching around the United states and Japan. Hanshi Leon's lineage can be traced as far back as Kusanku Peichin Takahara.

Class Prices

1 Class ($50) Any Art 1 hr

1 Month ($150) 4 Lessons 1 Art 1 hr

1 Month ($200) 5 Lessons 2 Arts 1 hr

Children under 18 years old ($20) 30min 1 class (Must be accompanied by an adult)

Family Lessons

1 class ($75) any art 1 hr

1 Month ($200) 4 lessons 1 art 1 hr

1 Month ($250) 5 lessons 2 arts 1 hr

20% Discount given to Students training in

another Dojo, must provide proof of current enrollment.

Hanshi Leon Craig, 9th Dan
(615) 810-1859